The TRG Mission

We bring our unparalleled expertise in organizational development, process design and facilitation, and learning to help our clients to create positive change in the world.

Our Values


Extraordinary Service
to Clients

We thrive on connecting with our clients to create tailored solutions to help them meet their goals, and we work tirelessly in that pursuit.


Being a Profitable Company

We strive for financial health and sustainability while we optimize for impact.


Alive with Joy and Laughter

While our work is important, we bring warmth, joy, and a sense of perspective to all we do.


Positive Work-Life Balance

We create a work environment that attends to our physical and emotional health because we understand that we can only take care of our clients if we also take care of ourselves.


Commitment to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

We create policies and practices that contribute to sustaining a diverse, equitable, and inclusive work environment.


Care and Compassion

We care about and invest in ourselves, our clients, and our local and global communities.

Employee Ownership at TRG

Ownership mentality infographic

Employee ownership is a key element of TRG’s identity and is part of the foundation of our culture and governance.

As part of this ownership, all TRG staff members are invited to think and act like owners from the first day of employment. This means that staff are encouraged to learn about the company finances and participate in the committees and working groups that support our work and community. These committees include our External Communications Committee, Sustainability Committee, Charitable Contributions Committee, Racial Justice and Equity Working Group, Rewards and Recognition Committee, and many others.

After three full years of employment, staff members receive annual grants of TRG shares, and at five years of service, staff become eligible for a special grant based on criteria in the company stock plan.  In all cases shares are given to employees, not sold as options.  Under the intentional design of our plan, shares are widely held among staff members and there is no majority shareholder.   TRG’s employee owners vote their shares to elect the Board of Directors and to confirm the appointment of the CEO.

Even as the company has grown and evolved, our commitment to meaningful employee ownership remains a constant, and is part of what makes working at TRG a unique and different experience.

Work with us!

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