TRG applies our deep understanding of systems, adult learning principles, learning methodologies and technologies, and communications and knowledge management to strengthen learning and results at the individual, organizational, technical sector, community, and system/ecosystem levels:

Professional development: in core skill areas that enhance an individual’s effectiveness and productivity such as feedback and communication skills; presentation skills; conflict management skills; and Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Accessibility training to foster an inclusive culture, mitigate unconscious bias, and promote leadership development of underrepresented groups

Technical knowledge and skills strengthening: in a wide range of technical topics such as climate change, environment, health, education, energy, infrastructure, biodiversity

Leadership and management skills strengthening: in supervision, leading strategically, navigating change, emotional intelligence, and other leadership competencies

Communities of practice and learning networksenhance member engagement and improve systems and processes for more effective connection, learning and action

Technical sector learning: enhance experiential and evidence-based knowledge, practice and performance within a technical sector such as environment, health, education, agriculture, etc. (e.g., evidence summits; processes to develop technical guidance)

Ecosystem learningengage diverse stakeholders in various fields in interdisciplinary learning processes aimed at addressing common priorities and challenges

Multimedia products to enhance learning in all of the above learning contexts: creation and production of videos, podcasts, e-learning courses, microlearning modules, job aids, fact sheets, tip sheets, learning briefs, and user-friendly guidance products

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Our Work

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