Organizational Development

TRG takes a holistic, collaborative approach working side-by-side with mission-driven organizations to improve organizational performance and resilience. We draw on our decades of experience to assess organizational needs and design and facilitate transformational organizational development (OD) processes such as:

Leadership development programs: 360-degree assessments, leadership training, and coaching for individuals and cohorts of leaders

Organizational capacity strengthening: organizational capacity assessments,interventions customized to achieve organizational objectives

Organizational learning (OL): organizational learning assessments; OL interventions designed to strengthen organizational capacity in assessment, planning, monitoring, evaluation and learning processes; knowledge management systems, processes, and products; strategic and operational communications support

Organizational health, well-being and resilience: organizational health assessments; customized OD interventions to address organizational health and culture needs including guiding clients on their Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Accessibility journey toward being proactive, fully inclusive, multicultural, and anti-discriminatory organizations

Team performance strengthening: team retreats; training; coaching; establish team performance goals, monitor their progress, and adjust their systems, processes and actions

Coaching/mentoring of individuals, teams and peer groups: work with an individual or a group to articulate their performance improvement outcomes and what success will look like; move an individual or team to an improved state

Adaptive management/change management: processes to support organizations in making necessary changes in their strategies, structures, and operations

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and  Accessibility (DEIA) initiatives: work environment assessments to analyze DEIA performance; facilitating  DEIA organizational vision, strategy, and action planning processes

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