TRG’s Work in International Development

TRG has been working in the field of international development for nearly 50 years. We are passionate about promoting sustainable development in a way that makes the world a more healthy, equitable, and peaceful place.

In our work in the international development field, we work both as development practitioners and organizational development, process design and facilitation, and learning practitioners. Our experience as development practitioners informs and enhances all of our work in international development. It equips us with a firsthand understanding of the development context and the unique challenges our clients face and it helps us understand the field/home office dynamics of large-scale development organizations.  

Continue reading to learn more about the specific types of work we do in international development as well as examples of some of our recent projects and activities. 

Our Work as International Development Practitioners

Working under contract to donor agencies, implementing partners,  and NGOs, we support in-country projects and activities in sectors including health, water and sanitation, democracy and governance, conflict and post-conflict, stabilization, transition, forestry, natural resource management, climate change, irrigation, and pollution control. 

This support includes:

  • Designing and implementing training and performance improvement programs, 
  • Providing institutional strengthening and capacity building services, 
  • Facilitating stakeholder involvement and partnership development 

Our Work as Organizational Development and Learning Practitioners

TRG provides training, teambuilding, and organizational development services directly for the staff, contractors, and partners of international development organizations.  

Specifically, we:

  • Provide training on leadership, teamwork, communications, management, and supervisory skills
  • Work with subject matter experts to design and deliver trainings in technical sectors including health, education water and sanitation, democracy and governance, conflict and post-conflict, stabilization, transition, forestry, natural resource management, climate change, irrigation, and pollution control.
  • Design and implement strategic planning and team building retreats
  • Facilitate the partnership between and within contractor groups and grantees
  • Design and facilitate workshops and conferences  

Select International Development Projects

  • Capacity building to support local health systems which helps countries transition away from donor support by strengthening local capacity to finance, provide equitable access to, and ensure the quality of primary health care services.
  • Organizational development support for a network of local NGOs around the globe working on intersection of conservation and livelihoods and community based natural resource management
  • Designing and delivering of a Women’s Leadership Program to support the careers of African women scientists and professionals delivering pro-poor agricultural research that benefits rural communities.
  • Developing a process for assessing a country’s capacity to undertake inclusive, transparent, and evidence-based policy change required for improving food security, reducing hunger and malnutrition, and strengthening resilience among individuals and communities.
  • Working with national government ministries and agencies responsible for outbreak preparedness and response in Africa and Southeast Asia to establish and strengthen multi-sectoral collaboration in the prevention, detection, and response to emerging disease threats.
  • Provided targeted organizational performance assistance to strengthen the engagement of civil society organizations in the HIV response
  • Providing organizational strengthening and mentoring to local organizations working to  transform the organizational culture and improve the abilities within the Ministries of Education and  Youth to ensure officials can implement much-needed reforms